About us

MIKOKA Marketing was launched in Austria in 2014 to market stylish, cultural products on Amazon.com under the brand name of MIKOKA ®. Our main products are Japanese Washi Tapes. The purpose of this web site is to provide an easy-to-use platform to help you to select from our products. If you click on the "Products" link above you will see our product categories. Direct links to product categories are also listed on the right hand side of each page. 

Within each category you can find a list of products with beautiful photographs and an explanation of each. If you would like to purchase please follow the links on the product sites and purchase from Amazon directly. We use "Fulfillment by Amazon" to ensure the highest quality and most reliable customer service with a variety of shipping options to the USA. International shipments are not currently supported for most items. 

If you have already made up your mind what you want, you may visit our Amazon listings directly and shop around. We wish you happy shopping. 

What is Washi Tape? Wa + shi = Japanese + paper. It is a form of Japanese paper tape. It is made using pulp from a number of sources, including rice, hemp, bamboo,  the paper mulberry, bark from the gampi tree, or the mitsamuta shrub. Washi tapes are commonly used as masking tapes or craft tapes to decorate scrapbooks and other personal items. More information here