What is Washi Tape?


Washi tape is a Japanese craft tape similar to masking tape in feel and adhesion, although it is semi-translucent rather than opaque. It is printed in a multitude of beautiful bold colors and simple and intricate designs. Washi tape comes in rolls, is made from a tough type of paper and can be written on with most types of marker. It is easily removed, but be careful if you are peeling the tape from thin tissue paper. It can easily be peeled off plastic and paper packaging, wallpaper and most other types of substrate without leaving a mark behind.

Washi tape is lot tougher than regular paper made from wood pulp, and can withstand moisture to a certain degree. You may clean it with a damp cloth and warm water.

Uses of Washi Tape

Washi Tape is commonly used in scrapbooking and many other forms of craft. The tape comes in an almost unlimited range of colors and designs, and can convert almost any ordinary-looking article into an artistic masterpiece! Washi tape is therefore very versatile with a multitude of potential applications. Its uses are limited only by the scope of your imagination.

It is also very popular for gift wrapping, because it is pretty and provide a peelable seal. The only drawback of using this tape for packaging is the same as its main advantage: removability. Therefore, it does not stick as strong as heavy packaging tapes. The adhesive ability may be improved by carefully selecting the type of packaging material, using clean, dry hands to apply and by letting the tape adhere to the surface without disturbance. In some cases, you may consider using a small piece of transparent tape or a drop of glue at the edges of washi tape if stronger adhesion is desired.

Examples of Washi Tape Uses

You can use washi tapes to decorate storage jars, window blinds, lampshades or even flower pots. Many people use them to decorate notebook covers, cups, tumblers, chopsticks and even their laptops. If you want even more zany ideas, how about decorating your bicycle with washi tape or even your car! Use them to decorate your toenails, finger nails and beautiful washi tapes can transform a cheap table or desk into a work of art. In fashion, people use washi tape on spectacles, handbags and it can transform your umbrella into a genuine work of art!

As you may now realize, washi tape is more than just another adhesive sealing, packing or craft tape, but is an art form with loads of potential applications. Check out Pinterest for a whole host of other ideas on how to use this tape. Here at Mikoka Marketing, we have a wide range of tape designs to offer you.